A Love Affair


I think we have a LOVE affair .....”High Heaven” is in Love with Molly Sewell Schott. 

“Havens” is a great Mom. 

“Entourage “ puts the most beautiful head on all His babies. 

Time for a barn name. He was born 4/20/18. So 420 is significant, but He is a Pony. He will be ridden by a child so keep that in mind. 

Suggestions welcome...


Welcome High Heaven

High Heaven

When your Mother/Dam is "Highland Heaven Sent" and your Father/Sire is "Entourage" You have a good chance to be a good one.

Bay Colt with four perfect socks and a star, strip and snip was born on 4/20. This Pony is bred to be all of it. It sure will be fun to watch Him develop. So excited!


Don't Let Time Steal Your Passion

Gray Horse

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in South Florida. I'm trying to get back to what made Me fall in Love with what I do. Life has a way of stealing your time away from the true essence of what makes Us so fond of The Horse.

Balancing business and pleasure can be a challenge. Never forgetting that as I sit upon this magnificent animal I remember how it all began. I truly fell in LOVE with the Equine and it has guided Me successfully through Life. 

Don’t Ever let time steal Your Passion ....,.enjoy the Ride