Special thanks to Jill Levine Hechtman who captured the joy we shared during the 12 weeks of the 2018 Winter Equestrian Festival circuit:

WEF Grand Finale

From beginning.... to end....it was FUN! 

There are not enough Thank You's that could describe how truly thankful we are. William Schaub and Molly Sewell Schott your coaching and hard work are unmatched! We are so happy to be part of your family.

To our grooms Amado Ramos and all the others, you are tops! Not only do the horses and ponies shine, they are HAPPY! I watch you slip them pats and treats and take the time to make sure even my kid looked sharp! It did not go unnoticed and we are appreciative! 

WEF is an amazing place to show. Beauty, competition, excellent management, the rings run so efficiently and everybody smiles. What stood out to me though was what amazing kids we had on Pony 🌴 Island. Everyone wants to win, but if you didn’t, you were still excited for the kid that did! And when one of those kids had a hard day (they all had those) the other kids were there to cheer them up.

I watched other trainers get excited when my kid won her first WEF blue! That is awesome! It makes being there so much more enjoyable! I’m pretty sad WEF is over, but can’t wait to see everyone at the next show!